What is Delivery Clone ?

Delivery Clone is a clone script in PHP of popular online website Delivery

Multiple Payment
What will I get ?

You will get a link to Download link of Script in Your Account

How can i buy/pay ?

You can Add To Cart and checkout. As for Payment Options we Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal. In case of any problems in payment or purchasing, please contact us.

What about Hosting ?

We provide hosting as a separate package. It is optimized and managed hosting for running Delivery Clone. If you have hosting of yours we will do free script install and setup.

What about Updates and Patches ?

You will get a link to Updates and Patches of Script in Your Account. Updates in minor versions will be free for 6 months. Any major version change of the script will not be included in update. However we may reduce price for you if you have purchased older version.

How much time after buying to go live ?

We will install and setup your online shop within 48 hrs of buying the script. You need to have a domain of yourself. We will also setup domain and link it with the script but the domain has to be purchased by you. if you don't know how to purchase a domain we will help you in doing that.

Can we modify it ?

Yeah you can totally modify it as per your needs if you buy Premium and Unlimited Package which 100% Open Source and is not encrypted at all. However Standard package is encrypted. Script is very developer friendly as it is based on PHP MVC. 10 minutes look at the code and you will understand eveyrthing if you are a developer.

What about customization ?

There are 2 types of customization.

1. Template Customization
You can find more info about it here
2. Development Customization
You can give us list of customizations and we will quote you for that. You pay a certain amount agreed upon and we do the customization. After you are satisfied with the demo shown with your changes you pay remaining amount and we setup the script as well as give you downoad link for future purposes.

What about License ?

Once you buy you will get a lifetime license for that particular version. Meaning you don't have to pay anything extra yearly or monthly for the script in future. However this applies for the purchased version only. If any new major version comes separate license has to be bought for that. Altough you will keep on getting updates and patches for your version for a considerable amount of time. We have 2 licenses and 3 products under these. We have
1. Single Domain License
2. Multi Domain License

What about Refund ?

You will get Full Open Source Code once you buy it so there won't be any refund given to you afterwards. We suggest you to check demo properly before buying the script and/or its services.

Customer Support

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